The basics of wearing eye glasses

Despite recent innovations like correction of vision through surgery and contact lenses; eye glasses are still more popular for many reasons. There are frame styles that have been branded with popular designer names like Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs and Ray Ban and so continue to be in demand. Youngsters who ordinarily dreaded appearing nerds because of glasses no longer mind them since Harry Potter wore glasses and has been one of the most popular fictional characters.

Even the material for eyeglass frames has changed. The plastic is something that doesn’t look like plastic; only presents the feel and durability of plastic. It is virtually unbreakable and light in weight. People who are allergic to plastic can also wear hypoallergenic eyeglasses that are made from substances which are safe for allergies. Some eyeglass frames are customisable. You can actually snap the pieces and assemble them back together in different shades. These type of frames are ideal for people who want a matching frame with every outfit and are very conscious about how they look.

Myopia and hypermetropia are two basic problems of eyesight and are the most common too. But after the onset of middle age; presbyopia is also a great challenge to overcome because just one type of lenses in the eye glasses won’t work. It has to be a trifocal or bifocal lens that you put in the frames which adjusts your sight according to the distance that your are looking into. For multitasking people, progressive lenses are an even better option because they allow smooth transition from one focal point to another and a person can look over many lengths with the same lenses. Variable focus lenses are also inserted in glass frames but they have a microscopic touch, that is, your have to adjust the vision according to where your are looking and that makes these lenses a bit of slow. For people who are doing fast jobs; this is not appropriate.

Eyeglasses should be made specifically to suit your needs. If your are into sports and run a lot then lightweight plastic frames along with lighter but unbreakable lenses would be a better option than metal frames and thicker lenses. There have been so many variations in eyeglasses now that even lenses are made out of many materials.